My name is Thomas Everitte Royal the Fourth, a.k.a. T4. I'm an adventurer, explorer and photographer based out of Sanford, Florida.

I have spent my entire life exploring Florida’s wild places. My name is Thomas Everitte Royal IV, affectionately known as T4 throughout the family. The T4 moniker was adopted by my “Grammy” Helen, who devised it as a way to easily distinguish me from the other “Toms” throughout the house on large family gatherings.

My family has lived here in Central Florida for a long time. My parents were born here. My grandparents were born here. Some of their parents were born here. They farmed, they raised livestock, they fished, they hunted and they played. The woods and waters of Florida were an integral part of their life.

Ever since I was a small boy I longed for a life of adventure and exploration. My parents and grandparents would often take me camping, to the beach, the springs and many other beautiful and fascinating places throughout the state of Florida. This time in nature deepened my appreciation for the beauty and peace that surrounds us, which continued into adulthood, shaping our own family priorities.

I met my amazing wife Angie in 1994, and ever since the beginning, we have made spending quality time in the outdoors, or “adventuring” as we call it, a priority for our family. Both our boys have been raised playing, fishing and surfing at the beach, enjoying camping adventures in Florida’s excellent state parks, canoeing the backwaters and snorkeling in the many beautiful springs scattered throughout the state.

I received my first camera as a gift over 25 years ago, and have always made it a point to carry some sort of camera gear along with me on our adventures to document the beautiful and awesome sights we encounter.  

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