Rainy Day at Silver Glen

Rainy Day at Silver Glen
Clarity, anchored in Silver Glen.

We were looking for places to test out Clarity, our new to us 1997 Pro-line 211 Walkaround, and decided to take advantage of the lower boat traffic typically found on weekdays, and take a trip down the St. Johns River to Silver Glen for a day of relaxation and snorkeling.

As had been the case for the majority of the week, we were met with dreary, rainy conditions, however that didn’t stop us from loading up the boat and driving to the Astor boat ramp.

After launching, and a short run down some beautiful Old Florida scenery along the St. Johns, we found ourselves in wonder as we entered the crystal clear waters of Silver Glen run.

We anchored between the channels, and setup for some resting and snorkeling.

Clarity, anchored in Silver Glen.

In a matter of minutes we had our snorkels on, and were ready to plunge in to the 72 degree water and look at whatever critters we could discover below.

Ready to take the plunge into the clear, cool waters of Silver Glen.

We snorkeled along, frequently encountering largemouth bass, sunfish, bluegill and other denizens of the springs.

Snorkeling in the clear, cool waters of Silver Glen.
A largemouth bass poses for the camera in Silver Glen.

It wasn’t long before our lips were starting to match the blue of the water, so we climbed back aboard the boat and hopped into some floats in hopes the sun, still hiding behind the clouds, would warm us up.

Taking a break and warming up in Silver Glen.

With a storm fast approaching, we decided to pack it up and call it a day.

A thunderstorm approaches the calm, tranquil waters of Silver Glen.

As we were heading out, a bald eagle stopped to say goodbye, adding an exclamation point to a great day on the water.

Bald eagle resting on a branch in Silver Glen.

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