Canoeing the Silver River

Canoeing the Silver River
Enjoying the view and cool water.

It’s hard enough these days to remember what day it is, let alone keep track of all the various “This is — Insert Random Item Here — ” days, however we almost lost sight of the fact that today was Earth Day.

We were already craving a bit of adventure, so the decision was made to pack up the cameras and the canoe and take a short late afternoon trip up to the Silver River to satisfy Dylan’s weekly P.E. requirement, conduct Science Class and get a little bit of relaxation time in as well.

There was surprisingly quite a bit of river traffic, however everyone was respectful and kept their distance to officially honor the “social distancing” guidelines.

The highlight of the journey was the opportunity to get up close and personal with a small alligator, who didn’t seem to mind our presence at all. We still maintained a distance of six feet to be sure.

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