Rock Springs Wild River Otter Encounter

A couple of summers ago, we spent a couple of summer mornings exploring Rock Springs at Kelly Park in Apopka, Florida. Growing up in Sanford, summer visits to Rock Springs was a fairly regular occurrence, and was even a daily field trip if you were wise enough (or foolish, depending on your outlook) to complete the physical education requirement in high school as part of summer school.

I hadn’t visited the park in many years, and I was thankful to see the spring run as wild and natural as I remembered it from my youth. The rocks are still as sharp as they were 30 years ago, and fish and turtles were plentiful along the run. We were even blessed to see a “romp” or wild river otters cruising around on their search for a fish breakfast.

I was fortunate to have my GoPro with me, and was able to catch some great footage of them moving in and out of the eel grass. The footage has been sitting on my laptop for awhile, and I finally decided to spend a little time to practice some video editing skills so I can share the encounter with everyone.

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